January 14, 2005

Death penalty

I oppose the death penalty.

The death penalty does little more than satisfy blood lust in the name of justice.

The death penalty does not deter crime.

Administering “death row” is more expensive – because of the appellate process – than administering life in prison.

One mistake is too many.

There are too many mistakes.


Bob said...


I was reading your post on the subject of the death penalty.

I agree with you on the point, that the costs do increase to house and carry out this penalty.

Most of the time a judge (who has been given permission by the people who have elected him or her) along with 12 people with byass or personal agenda, listen to the evidence presented and make the determination of his or hers fate and if the punisment prescribed is death due to the severity of the crime, it should be carried out as soon as possible rather than the months or years done now.

Do I think the death penalty is used to much?, yes I do.

You said "The death penalty does not deter crime" That statement is true, although the way I look at it is if the person can not be rehabilated and the possibilty of the person rejoining socity and commiting the same act or possibly worse, only then I would say I agree with the Death Penalty