January 23, 2008

Social Flutterby, New Media Curmudgeon and theThird

Here is a summary of your responses to my call yesterday for opinions about Facebook (polling sample is a little over 50; while important to me and to those who've opined, these results are statistically insignificant).

Oh, and I was way off on the number of my 100 or so regular readers who have Facebook accounts. I guessed 15%. It's near 50%.

By the way, I don't have a Facebook account. On purpose, but I'll have to tell you why in a different post.

I've generalized your responses:

Social Flutterbyes:
About 40% don't care about the politics of Facebook's capitalists. This group is happy to have the platform, figuring they set their own micro agenda.

New Media Curmudgeons:
About 28% either said they never will participate in the "Facebook / Myspace / Et al" culture, or that they have quit that world, closing their accounts and boarding up the windows to their private lives.

A Third of You:
The prevailing opinion of a third of you was that Facebook, et al, are dominated by poseurs trying on different personae as they masquerade through the web.

Thanks for participating.

DennisFreire at GMail dot com