January 20, 2008

Sunday Night's Soup Night

The best day of the week is Sunday. The best part of Sunday is being together as a family. And our favorite meal on Sunday night is soup.

The girls like soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I like soup and crackers.

Tomato soup tonight. Awesome.

But there are more favorites: Tortilla soup. Barley and rice soup. Greek lemon rice soup. Chilled soups, like acorn squash soup, mango soup or celery soup. Chicken broth. Chicken and rice soup. Chicken and noodle soup -- homemade noodles.

No one likes minestrone. Cooked carrots are deal breakers.

I made homemade chicken soup a couple of days ago. Yum.

The girls wearing their flannel pajamas, eating soup and sandwiches and talking. We get a lot of down loading done Sunday nights with bowls of soup in our hands.