December 18, 2007

25th Anniversary Today

Kim and I married December 18, 1982, in the Los Angeles temple. Our reception was in our home town, Santa Maria, California.

Honeymoon: First night, Cambria, which is just north on Morro Bay on Highway 1; Second & third nights, a cabin in Carmel - we cooked our dinners in the fireplace; Fourth night, camping at Big Sur. We spent just under $300 cash for the entire honeymoon and had about $150 in our pockets when we returned home.

Andrew was born September 24, 1983. Hmmm. Yes, folks were counting months to see when he was conceived. The other children are: Ashlee, 1984; Matthew, 1985; Kayla, 1987; Amber, 1988; Whitney, 1991; and Alison, 1993.

Here's a long and eloquent Irish toast to Kim!


riceman said...

Congratulations!!! That is one of the big ones.

Contgratlations Grandparents to be. You will make wonderful grandparents. Try not to smother her with too much love.

Sunday was a big day for us. Our daughter Sally who lives in Las Vegas with her husband Richard gave us our first grandchild. Addison Rose Wilcock, 1:35pm,
6 lbs. 11 oz., 19 inches long. Grandma is already there and I leave tomorrow to go down.

Hope this finds you and yours well and happy. Give our love to Kim and the kids.