December 17, 2007

Scale of the Internet

I am writing a story based on the photo at the head of this page. The photograph is titled "Smells Like Rain." An idea sprung from the photo and its title. I naturally decided that the novel would be titled "Smells Like Rain." Next decision: make the title of my blog "Smells Like Rain."

Then the problem. There are other blogs using the same title, or variations of it.

With an estimated 60 million blogs the chances of name repetition are fairly high. Even my name, Dennis Freire, while always unique in every place I've lived, is repeated many times in the world. Before the Google, my naive conceit had been that I was the only person with that name.

The scale of the internet is vast. So many content consumers. So many content providers. But the beauty of web 2.0 is that the internet is no bigger than your usage. If a blogger has 200 subscribers or 50,000 subscribers -- both numbers fractions of fractions of the "internet" -- that would be a nice readership.