December 14, 2007

Avala and Place Names

Andrew and Candace are expecting Avala's birth in March 2008.

In 2005, they honeymooned along the central coast of California, where I was born and where Kim and I grew up (Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties), visiting Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, and Shell Beach. Thus, they named their lab "Pismo" and their developing daughter "Avala" after the Avila Beach. I like it -- it's pretty.

(The altered spelling is intended, I'm told. They may want to Google "Avala" just to be prepared.)

Place names are fascinating.

I like the simple descriptive utility of place names. In the Cedar City, Utah, area, for example, Ashdown Gorge (after the surname of homesteaders), Right Hand Canyon, Coal Creek, Potato Hollow, Duck Creek, Three Peaks, Black Mountain, Long Valley, and so on.

And then I'm curious about the origins and history of other place names: Kanarra Mountain, New Harmony, Scipio, Toquerville, Walter's Wiggles, and the like.

You can delve into place names in the British Isles here.


joe doaks said...

I have named some spots along my "commute" route to work, on Hwy. 154 between Santa Barbara and Solvang. One is Ferdinand Corner: there's a curve that, on one side, has a dirt driveway that must lead into the foothills to someone's home or ranch. The mailbox at the highway has a large steel silohuette of a bull with long horns that is sniffing a tuft of flowers - must be from the book. Another I've named Stink Alley: a short stretch between the Lake Cachuma campgrounds and the sanitation plant with several manhole covers - sewer access. During the hot summers, when there is lots of activity at the campgrounds, that stretch of highway has a rather noisome aromatic quality...

Bob said...

Congragulations least I can say it to someone else in this family!!!! I am so happy for Candice and Andrew.

Everyone here loves you and your entire Famliy.


Bob said...

Congradulations Grandpa to be!!!!! I am so happy to be able to say that to you, when we were younger i bet that was the last thing you thought you would hear from me.

We all love you and your family and are so very proud of Andrew and Candice.